G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd. is backed by 20 years of experience in supplying water treatment systems for Industrial, Agricultural and Consumable water. The company has proven expertise in characterizing, planning, establishing, installing and operating water systems for cleantech.   G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd. emphasizes the importance of the first stage in characterizing the project: the feasibility study, in technical, procedural and financial terms. To achieve this, and to ensure the satisfaction of the client, the company has developed special tools and dedicated simulations for the planning of projects in the field of water treatment. These tools facilitate detailed design to a realistic degree of precision during the initial stages, enabling our client to foresee the entire solution, its configuration, and mainly the exact cost in an efficient and substantial manner.

G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd provides solutions for water treatment and bringing it to a quality suitable for home use.

In many cases we witness degradation in the quality of water sources, as a result of salination of well water, fertilizer contamination in agricultural areas and additional contaminations.
G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd provides water treatment systems that make the water quality appropriate for agriculture uses. Development of the agricultural farm on the one hand and the shortage of water on the other hand, dictate substantial changes in water allocations.
G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd provides systems adjusted to comply with accepted industry standard quality requirements.

To provide a solution to the unique needs of different industries, the company has created a wide variety of solutions for industrial uses.