About G.A.L

For the last 20 years or so, the founders of G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd. have been involved in supplying solutions in the field of water quality for the government and business sectors.

By working with us, the client benefits from the following advantages:


Period of Service – Operational capability, together with reliability and flexibility as a result of familiarity with the area, the regulations and requirements.


Accessibility - As a modestly sized company, we pledge rapid and personal treatment with every call.


Leverage -  G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd. benefits from economic and business stability. This framework is translated into an ability to leverage comprehensive and complex projects while complying with regulations, budget and schedules.


In February 2015, the company launched a unique Water Purification System, GALMOBILE, the first of its kind in the world!


A patented solution developed by G.A.L Water Technologies, which provides Drinking Water from any source, anytime, anywhere.

The goal of GALMOBILE is to help overcome water shortage, as well as to provide immediate drinking water assistance during a natural disaster.