Field of Activity   Municipal
System Description   Automatic system for purifying well Brackish Water for Hospital use
Customer Name   Guinea
The Client's Goal   Feeding water for Drinking, Steam Boilers and Dialysis Dpt
Treated Water Flow   30 m3h
Unique Features   Ready To Use Plug & Play Unit
Value Added   Very low assembly cost
Plug&Play System
Equatorial Guinea

Description of the System:

A facility for desalination of brakcish water by reverse osmosis, with an output of 35—30 cubic meters per hour using the Plug&play system. The facility has been active since 2009 and supplies 1 million cubic meters of drinking water to the hospital, with a capability to double its output. The project includes planning, financing, purchasing construction and installation.

General Background:

The project was carried out in cooperation with the entrepreneurother who build the hospital. the location was not connected to the water grid, but there were brackish water available.

Customer’s Objective:

  • Supply of freshwater for drinking and irrigation and general uses for the hospital.
  • Compliance with the regulatory requirements of the WHO Standards for the quality of drinking water.
  • Low operational and energy costs.
  • Small footprint.
  • Improvement of the quality of the environment by low output of waste.


  • Planning and establishment of an intake pipeline from the brackish well water
  • Planning and establishment of a preliminary treatment system based on a granular filtration system.
  • System of reverse osmosis.
  • Complementary treatment system.
  • Correction of the reactance value and replenishment of minerals to the water supplied and disinfection to prevent the development of organic and microbiological contaminants.
  • All packed in 40′ marine container