Facility Control

The GAL model control systems are among the most advanced known today in the field of machine and facility control.

The systems are based on several main components, which make the water treatment system fully automatic, as well as accessible and easy to handle.

  • The programmed controller contains the action logic and constitutes a data processing unit, which, in a wider sense, forms the heart of the control system.
  • The display unit enables an interface for the system operator for performing actions and receiving indications from the control system through local operator screens and unique computer systems.
  • The end units (analysers,  transmitters) collect data and values from the process and different system components, and transfer them to the data processing unit.
  • The end units are operated by the data processing unit and affect the system’s performance and actions while carrying out its various activities.

An internet interface for data collection enables viewing of system data and performance, in the present and future, and contains data history and graphs. All this, from every computer, anywhere in the world and from any smartphone.

The remote control centre is a unique centre monitoring system actions as well as providing real-time alerts on malfunctions/ warnings.

The remote control array allows us to provide support and assistance as well as analyse events and action history, thus giving added operational value, savings and procedural stability.

 The GAL Control Systems

Reliable, stable and intact systems for a long period of time.

Require minimal operator intervention.

*** Automatic remoter control activation controlled by GAL’s control centre.