G. A. L. Water Supplies a Wide Range of Services to its Customers, both as a Consultant and as a Supplier

ServicesG.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd. supplies a wide range of services to its customers, both as a consultant and as a supplier.

The company specializes in consultancy and solutions for all stages of the project and offers its services according to the three following models:

  • Preliminary Consulting – Defining the needs, and proposing alternative solutions, including techno economical tests.
  • Characterizing and Planning the Chosen Solution – Characterization and engineering design of the processes, all the way to implementation design including project components – statutory, engineering, technological and operational, maintenance and control.
  • Establishment Services - Clients of G.A.L. Technologies Ltd can choose or integrate between the following alternatives:
    1. Supply of a Turnkey or BOT solution.
    2. Project management and supervision.
    3. Establishment of the system and quality assurance.
    4. Operational and maintenance services – in a wide variety of operational possibilities, from operational agreements through to on-call service.