G.A.L. water technology based solutions
We Supplies Water Treatment Solutions, Suitable for a Variety of Purposes

The solutions we provide are based on a variety of advanced technologies, which are adapted precisely to the requirements of our clients and are in compliance with the regulations in the specific country. This technology is supported by unique and advanced control systems that ensure high reliability in operation of the systems.

G. A. L. Water Technologies Ltd provides solutions for water treatment and bringing it to a quality suitable for home use. In many cases we witness degradation in the quality of water sources, as a result of salination of well water, fertilizer contamination in agricultural areas and additional contaminations.
G. A. L. Water Technologies Ltd provides water treatment systems that make the water quality appropriate for agriculture uses. Development of the agricultural farm on the one hand and the shortage of water on the other hand, dictate substantial changes in water allocations. The combination of these changes with enforcement of regulations necessitates treatment of the water used for agriculture.
G. A. L. Water Technologies Ltd provides systems adjusted to comply with accepted industry standard quality requirements. To provide a solution to the unique needs of different industries, the company has created a wide variety of solutions for industrial uses. In view of the increases of fresh water prices for industry, we are working with special emphasis on operational costs and conservation of fresh water.