Field of Activity   Mobile System
System Description   The system producees potable water for 1350-6500 people
Customer Name   Villages & Rural settlement
The Client's Goal   Produce drinking water from any contaminated water source
Treated Water Flow   23 m3 /day from sea water
Unique Features   Fast Deployment, Self-contained independent and automatic
Value Added   Capable to interface with local distribution system and source,produce drinking water at WHO water standart
Remote Communities

Access to World Health Organization standardized water is vital to sustaining life

The mobility efficiency & simplicity of GALMOBILE

is what makes it possible


Unique independent, integrated Water purification system, designed to produce high qualitiy Drinking Water,at World Health Organization standarts everywhere in any conditions


Main System Characteristics

  • Mobile, self-contained independent and automatic
  • Connect to any possible Water source
  • Lightweight: 3,395 pound/ 1540 Kg
  • Produces Drinking Water at WHO Water standards
  • Independent energy source
  • Control & Analyzers stable supply of drinking water
  • Advanced control system- reduces the need for operator attendance
  • Resistance to all weather conditions
  • Speed: 55 MPH (90 KPH)
  • Transferability and high level of safty
  • Plug & Play configuration
  • Deployment: less than 30 minutes, by 2 person
  • Integrated Water storage tank- 265 Gallon (1000 liter) up to 2650 Gallon
  • 12V low voltage sysytem
  • Small dimension: easy to store, easy to carry and ship